Eat less meat, eat better meat

As many of you may have read, or maybe even participated in, last week was Meat Free Week which just so happened to coincide with National Butchers’ Week – what a dilemma!Meat Free Week is a global campaign intended to make people aware of how much meat we consume on a daily basis, and the affect it has on our environment and the animals.Whilst cutting out meat for a whole week might sound daunting to many, we think it is an opportunity to experiment, try something new and explore the alternatives. Essentially this could give you a much wider arsenal of dishes to choose from, so when you do go back to eating meat it doesn’t have to be in every meal.National Butchers’ Week on the other hand is a UK initiative, providing a platform from which British butchers can promote their business – think of it like Record Store Day, only with more meat and less vinyl.So, what did you?Did you attempt to go 7 days without meat? Maybe you supported your local butcher by eating even more than usual?It might sound like a tough decision, but if you think about it, whilst they might seem polar opposites, both initiatives encourage us to think more carefully about the origins of the food we eat, which can only be a good thing.We started our meatbox scheme because we wanted to make it more convenient for you to make the switch to eating less meat, but better meat. We believe there’s a middle ground between the factory farmed meat in supermarkets and cutting out meat entirely.Whether you call yourself a part-time carnivore or a flexitarian, the outcome is the same – eating less meat, better meat and helping the environment and local producers at the same time.It shouldn’t hurt your pocket either, with our meatboxes you can spend the same you would already have budgeted, and with a mix of cuts, plan your meals for the whole month.Our customers include former vegetarians who have started eating meat again because they trust us, as well as families who have decided to eat less meat and plan their meals accordingly, switching from bland supermarket meat to a regular meatbox.Photo 01-11-2011 12 29 51Whether you want to start eating meat direct from a farm you can trust, try traditional cuts and make your budget go further, or switch to a more flexible diet – we’re here to help!So instead of a meat free week or filling your fridge with a butcher’s special offers, why not try a meatbox for a month instead as part of a healthier and balanced diet?Want to learn more about the farm? Contact us with your query or visit one of our Meatups.