Eco Friendly Farming

We aim to do things right. Find out how we farm and our environmental works.

The farm is home to all of our free range and organic animals, a diverse range of wildlife and our team.

We care for a diverse range of habitats at Swillington including woodland, marsh, pasture and ponds. We provide a haven for wildlife alongside the perfect conditions for our rare breed breed cattle and sheep and seasonal free range pigs and organic poultry production.

These idyllic surroundings are only 5 miles from Leeds and easily accessible by car, bike, train and on foot.

Facilities here on the farm include our butchery from which we sell all our fresh and local produce, our poultry slaughterhouse which we use for our on farm chickens and turkeys and an organic walled garden where we grow vegetables through a community supported agriculture scheme.

We fully converted to organic farming in 1999 and have been fully certified as organic since 2001. Farming organically helps us to produce our food in a more environmentally friendly way and we feel makes the quality of what we produce so much better as we keep it free of all the nasties such as pesticides and GM or cloned ingredients.

We aim to farm in an environmentally responsible way and are proud to be part of the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme which helps promote and support a wide variety of wildlife on the farm.

Species present include harvest mice, barn, little and tawny owls and a variety of ducks, waders, butterflies and insects.

Our commitment to environmentally friendly farming was recognised in 2010 when Jo was awarded in the Tye Trophy awards by the Yorkshire Agricultural society for the ways in which she has encouraged wildlife on the farm. Projects include an ongoing programme of tree and hedge planting, coppicing and reed bed management in order to further improve the area for wildlife.

Rather than increase stocking and over farm the land, for the last few years we have grazed our animals on the neighbouring RSPB St. Aidan’s nature reserve, this allows us to meet the growing demand for our beef and lamb without detrimentally affecting the local eco-system.

To reduce food miles and pollution we use a local slaughterhouse coupled with our butchery and poultry slaughter facilities on the farm.

We're proud of everything we produce and we want you to know about the food you eat.

Use the links above to find out all about the farm and how we work. We want to put the trust back into the food chain by making sure everything we sell is ethically produced and fully traceable.