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Grass Fed Beef

Know how your grass fed and organic beef is farmed, slaughtered and prepared.

Producing Our Organic Beef

Our organic cattle are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford crosses, a heritage breed suited to outdoor grazing and pasture fed production.

We also have a small herd of British White cattle, this is a rare breed we are introducing for heritage grazing.

The grass fed cows calve in spring to make the best use of the spring grass and summer sun, the cows graze all year on our parkland and marsh pastures which contain a wide variety of grasses and herbs.

In winter cattle are fed silage made from grass on the farm, in very wet winters they may be housed to avoid damage to the land.

Because they are only fed on grass they grow and mature slowly over two and a half years to give excellent quality beef, they are slaughtered at an organic abattoir.

We mature our beef in the cold store on our farm before it is expertly butchered.

Our Organic beef is sold direct d as part of our seasonal monthly meat boxes.