What’s a Farm Share?

Farm shares (also called Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSAs), have become popular across the globe, as a way to get fresh healthy food and support local farmers and food systems.

It means that you (the consumer) and we (the farmers) enter into a organic partnership where your subscriptions let us know that what we’re producing will sell, so we can invest in planting seeds and rearing animals on the farm.

As a reward you get a share of the harvest and produce grown, saving money and being more involved in your food along the way.

How it works

Swillington’s Organic Farm shares provide a direct link between our farm and your plate and by allowing you to subscribe for a share of the farm’s meat, eggs and vegetables.

You subscribe online and then visit the farm each week (monthly for meat) to pick up your share from the team.


Farm share members share in the harvest: during good growing seasons, everyone benefits by getting more produce. When the season is less bountiful, members shoulder the risk and receive less. This type of arrangement helps people to connect back to the earth and the food they eat.

Farm shares more widely connect local farmers directly with consumers, which helps develop a regional food supply and strong local economy. Farm shares also cut out the middleman, which lowers costs for consumers and provides better income for farmers.

Farm shares help maintain a sense of community. We have an open farm day each month, inviting members to visit the farm and you can also volunteer and help grow your food.

Types of Swillington Farm Share

Swillington Monthly Meat Box
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Swillington Monthly Meat Box
from 55.00 every month

Meat Share

A sustainable way to eat meat, prepared monthly or every two months. Freshly butchered and ready to freeze.

The contents include organic grass fed beef and lamb, organic chicken and rare breed pork sausages and bacon made on the farm.

There are 3 sizes to choose from depending how often you eat meat, visit our meat box page to find out more.

Garden Share

Collect a share of the harvest from the farm every week.

This Community Supported Agriculture programme has been running for over a decade and helped restore the historic Swillington Walled Garden which now produces the veg, salads and fruits for members.

We are now accepting new members, find out more here.

Garden Share – collection weekly
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Garden Share – collection weekly
from 35.00 every month

Egg Share – collection weekly
96.00 every 12 months

Egg Share

Collect freshly laid, free range organic eggs every week from the farm.

Join our Egg Club and you can collect 1/2 Doz eggs each week from the farm. Your investment pays for the hens and their upkeep, always free range and organic you can visit the birds too.

The price is for 1/2 doz eggs per week for a year.

At less than £2 a box it works out cheaper than supermarket organic eggs too.

You can also pay £8 per month if you have another farm share with us, please just ask.