We’re creating a new sustainable way for you to enjoy our organic produce.

We’re creating a new sustainable way for you to enjoy our organic produce.

In September we’ll be launching the UK’s first Farm Share with Meat, Veg & Eggs all available from the same Organic Farm.

We believe that offering all our produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) ‘Farm Shares’ is the best way to reduce waste and continue to farm sustainably.

We’ve never shied away from innovative ways to help our customers know more about their food and support their local farm.

We created our monthly meatboxes which went on to win an award for the best in the UK, were the first farm in the North of England to adopt a CSA model in our garden and our Meat Ups gained national coverage.

After 20 years farming organically we’ve been looking at what’s the most sustainable way to sell our meat, and as shopping habits and meat consumption changes we believe that a CSA model is best for the farm, the animals and the environment.

So rather than weekly trips to the abattoir and deliveries plus the waste associated with filling a shop counter every week we are changing to monthly slaughter, butchery and retail.

This means that from September 7th onwards our Farm Shop will be closing, and meat will be exclusively available in our Monthly Meat Boxes and at our new Monthly Open Farm Day.

Greener delivery

To make our deliveries greener we will be changing our delivery date to the fourth Friday of the month from September. This means that we can minimise the amount of deliveries needed and return to deliveries with our own driver and van in Yorkshire, meaning we collect and reuse your cool boxes

Meat Box Changes
We are aiming to make our meat box scheme more of a community supported agriculture subscription and we will be relaunching it in Organic September with our new website and a simpler range of boxes and ‘farm share’ subscriptions.

If you currently have a customised order we will be contacting you to discuss your options as part of our new meat box range and ‘farm share’ subscriptions.

Vegetables, Fruit and Salad will be exclusively for Garden Growers members and our Eggs will be available to Egg Club members to collect weekly from our new collection point in the Walled Garden.

We’ll be having an Open Day on Saturday 31st August where you can find out more. Visit us for a farm walk 11am – 1pm meeting at the farm shop.

Then on the 4th Saturday Each Month we will be opening with guided tours of the farm, a butchery demonstration and sausage sampling. Meat Box Subscribers can pick up their Box and our butchery counter will be open as a ‘Pop Up’ shop with a plastic free range of fresh meat, bacon and sausages.

If you’re not already a member of one of our Farm Share schemes it’s the simplest way to make sure you continue to enjoy our organic produce, and you can sign up at the shop or contact us to find out more!

Swillington Farm Team