Help Restore the Walled Garden One Brick at a Time

Swillington Garden Growers Member Len Forbes tells us how he is helping restore our historic walled Garden where we grow our veg, fruit and flowers.Len is a long term supporter of the farm and has been working on restoring the walled garden with his father, more volunteers are welcome just contact us and we'll pass on your details to Len.Swillington organic farm ‘wall works’WHY?The walled garden at Swillington Farm is made of hand made bricks from around the time of George III (1760’s). He was one of a long line of Hanoverian Kings, known by some as ‘Farmer George’ for his interest in farming development, also Known as ‘Mad George’ in the latter part of his rein for being some what out of sorts!Besides the obvious staying power and distinctive beauty of more than a million handmade bricks existing in a posed, protective position for more than 250 years: there is Jo’s vision to share this shielded acreage of land with visitors and volunteers.For my part, as a volunteer, the repair, respectful promotion and development of this wall as part of that vision are well worth doing.I learnt the art of pointing from my dad Geoff Forbes, it is a skill that endures and an act which gives time to contemplate, and a wholesome result for time spent.As a sixteen year old my dad began work as an apprentice bricklayer for the local firm H.O. Andrews, 5 years later he would become an apprentice trained tradesman, he continued as a tradesman all his working life and offers his experience and skill to young and old who may volunteer to work on this wall to gain a touch of this art from working in a traditional way with ‘fat lime mortar’.We are quite happy to share are enjoyment of this lovely space and old wall and its renovation an opportunity for others to learn a simple and basic skill of Lego style work in the REAL world. [one_half]SL270893[/one_half][one_half]SL270896[/one_half]