Christmas is Coming

You can now pre-order everything you need for a local organic Christmas.Just browse the categories above, add the products and checkout.The shop will also be open throughout December selling our locally grown Christmas Trees. More details to follow.

Make sure you give your family something special this Christmas, don't settle for a tasteless supermarket bird.
Our organic turkeys are now available to order for this Christmas, completely free range on the farm the high animal welfare and varied natural diet adds to the flavour of these birds. They're a heritage breed and dry plucked and hung which also improves the quality and flavour.
Our Turkeys Are:
  • Completely Free Range
  • Small high welfare group
  • Produced organically, with GM and additive free feed
  •  Free to forage in organic woodland
  • A mix of heritage breeds
  • Dry plucked by hand and hung to improve taste
Give your family the best meat in Yorkshire this Christmas

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