Why Choose Organic?

Organic September is upon us and you're thinking about trying organic food for yourself and maybe even growing a little of your own, but what is organic farming and why should you choose to buy organic produce? We've come up with five reasons why you should choose organic:1. It’s better for youOrganic produce is better for you. Less pesticides, nitrogen, neurotoxins, cadmium – the list is almost endless.Organic crops have a significantly higher level of antioxidants compared to non-organic produce. Free from additives, chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones with our organic produce you know exactly what you’re eating, and more importantly – what you’re not!2.  It’s better for the environmentDue to the natural and sustainable methods undertaken by us and other organic farmers the land is a haven for local wildlife. Organic farms are home to up to 50% more wildlife than conventional farms.Swillington Organic Farm is home to locally and nationally rare wildlife, early this year we found evidence of a significant water vole population a species that has declined by over 90% in recent years and is threatened with extinction.No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used. We develop fertile soil by using traditional methods, rotating crops and using natural compost and manure. This means no chemicals are released into the soil or surrounding water.Not only do organic farms produce less general waste they also produce a lot less carbon dioxide. Choosing local, organic produce can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.3. It tastes better152 (2100 x 1500)Organic meat and vegetables are noticeably tastier, and it’s not just us saying that either.  Obviously, taste is subjective – although many people believe that the quality of produce and the method behind organic farming makes it taste better.Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall, Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc all opt for organic - with the latter two both having cooked using our own organic produce.We’ve also won awards for the best meat in Yorkshire and best fresh produce in Yorkshire and our meatboxes won best box scheme in the UK in the Organic Awards.4. It’s better for the animalsOrganic farmers put the welfare of their animals first, meaning they live happy, healthy lives.The animals are entirely free range which means their living conditions and the food they eat is of the highest standard.When we say free range we mean it, and we have regular open days so you can trust the food you eat.5. It’s naturalOrganic produce is food as food should be, natural. Free from additives and preservatives you know exactly what you’re eating and where it’s come from.You can learn more about organic farming and its benefits this by visiting our farm in our special Organic September MeatUp.We are proud to have won Best Box Scheme in the Soil Association’s Organic Awards! Sign up for yours today.