Why choose organic beef?

Organic beef cows eat a 100% organic diet

And at Swillington, this means that they are grass-fed. Grass-fed, organic beef contains less fat and includes more essential vitamins, micronutrients and Omega-3 than grain fed, non-organic beef.Because the meat contains less fat, it’s leaner, with a richer, fuller flavour. And this is all before it’s been dry aged and hung for 21 days…

Tastier, more nutritious beef

Organic, outdoor reared cows spend an average of 215 days a year grazing. They graze on a mixture grass, flowers, clover and naturally occurring herbs – collectively known as pasture.Swillington’s herds are put out to pasture at St Aidan's Nature Reserve, where they benefit from a delicious mix of rough grasses, herbs and rushes. This provides them with a nutritionally rich diet that creates heartier, healthier beef.

The cows also work wonders for the local wildlife

Their grazing manages the vegetation, making it the ideal habitat for the waders and other birds that live there. The presence of the cows also helps to keep the pasture nice and fertile (I’m sure you can guess how).It’s win-win for the cows and the local ecosystem; a prime example of the ecological benefits of organic farming in action.

Healthier cows, healthier beef

As well as providing their cows with a natural diet containing at least 60% fresh or dried fodder, roughage or silage, organic farmers are not permitted to feed their animals imported GM crops (which most non-organic animals are raised on).They are also only permitted to treat animals with antibiotics when they are actually ill and the use of growth hormones is also prohibited. All of this means that, if you consume organic beef, you can be sure of exactly what you’re putting into your body.organic-cows

A better life from birth

Organic farmers rear their beef in herds for as long as possible, meaning they can follow their natural herding instincts and experience less stress. Cows suckle their calves for around nine months, allowing cattle to be kept in family groups for longer, with cattle consuming natural milk.This benefits both the welfare of the cows and the quality of the end product. The cows have experienced a happier, more fulfilled existence, which reduces stress and increases the quality and taste of the meat.organic-beef-offerDo you fancy tapping into the benefits of organic beef? Why not see if you can taste the difference yourself?

Get 10% off our organic meat this month

In celebration of Organic September, you can currently get 10% off our organic beef up until Tuesday 18thSeptember. We’re running offers throughout the month, including 10% off an Organic Meatbox subscription for the first 3 months. Visit our organic meat offers page to find out more.