Unlikely Heroes: The Story of an Agrarian Renaissance

As a Yorkshire organic farm, we’re incredibly supportive of the increased movement towards locally sourced produce. After all, organic meat and veg has been what we do for donkey’s years, so we’re chuffed that more people in the local community are getting involved.Photographer and researcher Walter Lewis has been travelling around alternative farmers and growers in England and Wales over the last few years and documenting the story of a renaissance in small scale, local, food production.As part of his travels, he has been a frequent visitor to Swillington and we’re delighted that he has now launched his own exhibition and book featuring the places he’s visited.unlikely-heroes-swillington-geeseunlikely-heroes-swillingtonThe exhibition will run at the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax from 11th February to 23rd April and the book Unlikely Heroes is out now.For more information, visit http://www.feedingbodyandsoul.comWant to visit Swillington for yourself? Keep up to date with our events and Meet Ups over on our events page, or by following us on Twitter and Facebook.