It’s Turkey Time!

The turkey is the headline act of the Christmas dinner and the key part of the most important meal of the year. So, why would you settle for a tasteless supermarket bird?At Swillington Organic Farm we work hard to ensure our animals are raised to the highest standards of animal welfare. This in turn helps us to guarantee our customers receive only the highest quality meat.We only produce high quality, free range and organic meat and our turkeys are a perfect example of our philosophy. Completely free range and free to forage in organic woodland, the birds are reared organically and fed on a diet free of genetically modified ingredients and additives.Looking after our organic turkeys is not an easy task. Being completely free range, the birds have free roam of the farm and woodland throughout the day before being rounded up into the barn in the evening.Jo explains, “There is a huge amount of work involved. I check on them three times a day to make sure they have enough food and water and at night they have to be brought in before dusk otherwise they fall prey to foxes.”It was only in 2006 that we began to rear turkeys for Christmas, as the result of public demand. We started with just 50 birds in the first year, and their popularity has continued to grow with us selling out every year since.Rearing a mix of Norfolk Black and Bronze heritage breeds helps us to ensure we have a good range of sizes available for you to choose from.You can secure your bird with a deposit of £30 and the early bird price (excuse the pun) means you can order your turkey for just £14.30/kg up until the 31st October.Our organic turkeys are now available to order by clicking here. However, we do sell out every year, so order early to avoid disappointment.[product_category category="turkey-poultry" per_page="12" columns="3" orderby="price" order="asc"]