Don’t miss our organic turkey meat-up this November

As the days creep ever closer towards the festive period, orders have been piling up for our delicious farm-raised organic turkeys.Since arriving back in June as little poults, the turkeys been enjoying the full splendour of our Yorkshire farmland. And they’ve certainly done some growing!We’re firm believers at Swillington that happy, healthy turkeys simply can’t be beaten on flavour. So, our organic turkeys spend each day foraging in the woodland before retiring their cosy barn at night. It means a lot of running around for us – but enrichment for the turkeys.Not only does this provide the turkeys with a better quality of life, but it makes for a truly delicious centrepiece for your Christmas dinner!f_dsc0598

Fancy meeting the turkeys for yourself?

On Saturday the 25th November we’ll be hosting our annual Christmas organic turkey meat-up where the whole family can meet the gang (or gobble!) and learn a little more about how the flock is raised. You’ll also have the chance to tour the farm and see a live butchery demonstration.The day is a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand where your meat is coming from and learn about the benefits of organic farming to the both the turkeys and the local environment.For a sense of what our meat-ups are all about, check out last year’s turkeys featuring in this month’s edition of Country Living Magazine.Meat-ups are free to attend and prove hugely popular, so make sure you register on the events page of our site. You’ll also get the chance to place and order at the farm shop, but be aware that if you are wanting a Christmas turkey, they will likely have all been reserved before them. The best way to secure your organic turkey or meat and veg order in time for Christmas is to visit our online shop.