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Sustainable farming.

Meat, Veg & Egg Subscriptions direct from the farm.
Local. Organic. Grass Fed. Rare Breed. Free Range.

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Field to fork.

Welcome to Swillington Organic Farm. Our mission is to provide great welfare for animals, people and the planet.

We’re here to help you eat ethical and sustainable food. We do that with a number of Farm Share schemes that let you share in the harvest and support the people that produce it.

Since 1999, we’ve been farming and selling our meat, veg and eggs direct from our farm.

In that time we’ve won numerous awards and great reviews from our customers looking to buy ethically reared meat.

OVER 7,500

Meat Boxes Delivered in the UK



Of Organic Farmland





Good News

We’ve been featured, reviewed and rated by some top publications.
And we’re proud to have been shortlisted for and won a number of regional and national awards for the quality of our produce and our good work as a business.


Welcome to Organic Country.

We’re custodians of the natural landscape.

The majority of the meat we butcher comes straight from the farm at Swillington. With three generations of sustainable farmers, high welfare is guaranteed.

When we can’t rear on our own we work with a network of farmers to our high standards.