Yorkshire Merguez Sausage




Mildly spiced including rich red paprika this sausage is made with select cuts of Swillington organic beef and lamb which are minced, mixed with spices and hand linked into sausages in hog casings.

Contains beef, lamb and pork. Gluten free.

Packed in trays of 4 handmade sausages. Please choose your required packs of 4 Yorkshire Merguez Sausages.

As these are seasonally produced this item may have been previously frozen.


A World of Flavour

Inspired by his travels apprentice butcher Bob has created a ‘Yorkshire Merguez’ sausage. Mildly spiced including rich red paprika the sausage is made with select cuts of Swillington organic beef and lamb which he minces, mixes with spices and hand links into sausages.

Bob says, “I was trying to recreate the delicious sausages I would buy from the butcher’s in Saint-Arnoult but with a twist of using a hog casing to give a more substantial portion for the Yorkshire appetite!”

Buying Organic Grass Fed Beef Online

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When you buy organic grass fed beef online from Swillington it will be, individually packed and labelled and delivered to you in a cool box with ice packs.

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Cooking Tips

  • The sausages are perfect for a casserole or spicy sausage and mash and are made using only premium organic meat from the farm and select seasonings so they’re also gluten free.

Did you know?

Our cattle spend part of the year on a neighbouring RSPB nature reserve, helping manage the land organically. We have recently expanded our herd to include British White cattle, a rare breed well suited to this rough grazing.