Venison Mince



Quality venison mince taken primarily from the shin and packed into 300g bags which make an ideal size for those family favourites like lasagne, bolognese, cottage pie or even chilli.
It has a 7 day shelf life so gives ample time to add to a variety of dishes for the family.
Being quality mince that is both lower in fat than other red meats this makes for a healthier family alternative for your favourite dishes.


Producing Venison:

All of our farmed venison is reared naturally, grazing on grass pastures on multiple associated farms across the UK. This guarantees beautifully lean, tender and flavoursome deer meat that is available all year round.
Wild venison is available during legal hunting season and offers the same low fat and low cholesterol benefits that our farmed deer offer but with a more distinct gamey flavour.
All of our deer are traceable and follow proper quality assurance controls to ensure that you receive the high quality cuts every time.

Buying Venison Online


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase ethical produce and have it delivered to your door.

When you buy venison online from Swillington it will be fresh and suitable for freezing, individually packed and labelled and delivered to you in a cool box with ice packs.

You can then cook with our venison and make your favourite recipe.

See how our organic meat is packaged

Cooking Tips

Venison is an extremely versatile, easy to cook meat and throughout the season is ideal for dinner parties, functions, Sunday lunches, or simply a weekday dinner for two.

Cooking venison is just like cooking beef,  however as it is much lower in fat venison needs less cooking time.

Did you know?

With its high protein and low fat and cholesterol content, venison is considered one of the healthiest red meats around.

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