Rare Breed Pork Leg Joint


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Rare Breed Pork leg on the bone

Raised, hung and butchered on the farm.

Cut to your required size on the bone.

Please choose your required weight and number of joints of rare breed pork leg.

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Producing our Rare Breed Pork

We breed and rear our rare breed saddleback pigs outdoors where they are free to range across the grassland fields in small family groups.

This means our pigs live happier lives in a more natural and traditional manner than intensively farmed pigs. They are fed a natural diet which is free from additives. Saddleback’s are a hardy breed that thrive outdoors, they are full of character and are good mothers with an excellent temperament.

Saddleback pork has distinctive qualities; it is succulent, flavoursome and with crackling to die for. Compared with ultra-lean supermarket pork it offers a much meatier and fuller taste due to the extra fat of the breed. The fat is necessary to baste the meat while it cooks to give flavour and succulence naturally produced pork has also been shown to carry health-benefiting Omega-3 fatty acids.

Buying Rare Breed, Outdoor Free Range Pork Online

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase ethical produce and have it delivered to your door.

When you buy rare breed pork online from Swillington it will be fresh and suitable for freezing, individually packed and labelled and delivered to you in a cool box with ice packs.

You can then cook with our rare breed, outdoor free range pork and make your favourite recipe.

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Cooking Tips

  • Rare Breed Pork leg is a great roasting joint
  • Our rare breed pigs have a delicious layer of fat for crackling

Did you know?

Saddlebacks were one of Britain’s mainstream breeds up to the 1970s, however the growth of supermarkets which demanded ultra-lean white pigs from the intensive producers led to a fall in numbers to the point when, in 1979, the breed was recognised by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) as a rare breed.

Swillington Organic Farm among with other small producers is committed to bringing back this rare breed.