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A great value offer on our organic, grassfed beef. Save over 25%!

This set box contains a selection of our organic beef steaks and mince, freshly butchered and frozen in individual packs ready for your freezer and perfect for quick midweek meals.

It is therefore for collection only so it can go straight in to your freezer.

The contents are:

5 x 500g Organic Beef Mince
2 x Organic Beef Rump Steaks
2 x Organic Beef Sirloin Steaks
4 x Organic Beef Rump Steaks

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Producing our Organic Grass Fed Beef:


Our organic cattle are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds. They are a traditional cross which is well suited to a grass fed diet.

The cows calve in spring to make the best use of the spring grass and summer sun, the cows graze all year on our parkland and marsh pastures which contain a wide variety of grasses and herbs.

In winter cattle are fed silage made on the farm, in very wet winters they may be housed to avoid damage to the land.

Because they are only grass fed they grow and mature slowly over two and a half years to give excellent quality beef, they are slaughtered at an organic abattoir. We hang our beef for at least 3 weeks before it is expertly butchered on the farm.

Buying Organic Grass Fed Beef Online

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase ethical produce and have it delivered to your door.

When you buy organic grass fed beef online from Swillington it will be fresh and suitable for freezing, individually packed and labelled and delivered to you in a cool box with ice packs.

You can then cook with our organic beef and make your favourite recipe.

See how our organic meat is packaged

Cooking Tips

  • Great for frying, or cook on the barbecue or grill
  • Handmade with just beef mince and pepper
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Our grass fed beef is great for a paleo diet

Did you know?

Our cattle spend part of the year on a neighbouring RSPB nature reserve, helping manage the land organically. We have recently expanded our herd to include British White cattle, a rare breed well suited to this rough grazing.

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