Free Range Chicken Thighs

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Fresh skin on Free RangeĀ chicken thighs on the bone.

Raised, slaughtered and prepared on the farm.

Packed in packs of 4 chicken thighs, approx 600g. The skin is left on to lock in flavour and moisture when cooking.

Freshly butchered and vacuum packed.

Please choose your required number of packs of Free RangeĀ chicken thighs, the price is approximate and will depend on the final weight.

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Producing our Free Range Chicken Thighs:

Day old chicks are reared indoors for 3-4 weeks depending on weather conditions, after this they are introduced gradually to outdoor life and spend the next months free range on grass pasture. They are housed in small groups .

They are fed a custom milled feed and are aged at leastĀ 10 weeksĀ old before they reach your plate, this produces larger, better tasting chickens than the average supermarket birds.

All chickens are slaughtered and butchered on farm, reducing food miles.

Buying Free Range Chicken Online

Free RangeĀ ChickenĀ Thighs

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase ethical produceĀ and have it delivered to your door.

When you buy Free RangeĀ chicken thighs online from Swillington it will be fresh and suitable for freezing, individually packed and labelled and deliveredĀ to you in a cool box with ice packs.

You can then cook with our Free RangeĀ chicken thighsĀ and make your favourite recipe.

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Cooking Tips

  • Just chicken thighs, never any additives or water or anything else included
  • Suitable to grill, roast, fry or barbecue
  • You can take the bone out and dice for anĀ easy stir fry
  • Make your own deep fried chicken with a simple egg and flour batter

Did you know?

Our free range birds are produced for us by Dr Paul Talling of Loose Birds in Harome on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

His chickens are so well acclaimed thatĀ Michelin Star chef Andrew Pern named his latest book after them!

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Pack of 2 (approx. 450g)