How We Work

Prime Cuts Delivered

The only prime delivery we offer is prime cuts of meat! We’re not Amazon or a supermarket. We’re a small team who farm, butcher and deliver our organic produce. Our meat doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting to be shipped, it’s freshly prepared each week.

That means it’s not same same day or next day delivery – It’s slow food, it takes time to do the job right and we’re not going to rush it because quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Instead we ask that your order is placed by Saturday  (Extended to Tues 28th in March) for delivery the following Friday.

This gives us time to prepare your order as below.

This is the best way to guarantee you quality, fresh and traceable meat direct from the farm.

How we work throughout the week:

Mon -Our animals are taken to a local abattoir
Tues – Our poultry is slaughtered in our on farm abattoir and we start butchery
Weds – We butcher and freshly hand-make sausages and burgers
Thursday – We butcher, pack and prepare orders
Friday – We deliver and our butchery is open to the public.
Saturday – Order deadline for following week (so we can sort stock to take to the abattoir)Our butchery is also open and we have a stall at local farmers markets or a MeatUp event on the farm

and Monday – Sunday 24/7/365 we’re also looking after all our animals and running a farm!