This year we will not be opening for the national Open Farm Sunday open day on June 8th 2014 due to clashes with other events, we look forward to joining in again in 2015 after our successful 2013 open day attracted over 750 visitors keen to discover local food.

You can find details of other local farms that are open at

We continue to have regular events happening on the farm throughout the year which you can register to attend. Check out our events page for more info.


Last year we told you how Len was helping restore the walled garden one brick at a time

Work is progressing on the Georgian Walled garden and the new section of restored wall looks fantastic.

The volunteers, led by Len and his father have now started to restore one of the original doorways into the Walled Garden. It is hoped that this can be put back in to use as a link in to the farm’s woodland nature trail.

Work is ongoing every Saturday and if you want to learn about renovation and come along and help just see Len in the garden on a Saturday.



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After spending months rearing stock to the highest welfare standards it is important that the end is as stress free as possible.

Due to recent concerns in the press about the provenance and welfare of how meat is slaughtered and as a farm that prides itself on traceability and creating food you can trust, we wanted to detail the story behind our slaughter methods.

We wish to reassure customers that all our poultry and animals are pre-stunned before slaughter. After spending months rearing stock to the highest welfare standards it is important that the end is as stress free as possible.

Our pigs , cattle and lambs go to a small organic certified abattoir less than 40 miles away with the pigs having several practice trips in the trailer when they are moved around the fields so that they are not stressed on their final journey. They are always fed when they go in the trailer which means loading is not a problem. They are loaded the night before and sleep on plenty of straw. Before leaving, the pigs are often still asleep when Jo gets to the abattoir with them. To avoid stress and fighting, our pigs are kept separate from others and are slaughtered quickly and humanely.


We make sure that neither lambs nor pigs ever go alone with a minimum of two animals going together with every attempt to minimise stress to the animal.

Our cattle are slaughtered at the same abattoir which is our nearest organic abattoir and one of only a few in the North of England. the abattoir has RSPCA assurance and is fully CCTV monitored.

The trips take less than an hour – a fraction of the average food miles traveled by meat stocked in the UK’s supermarkets.

Again, the animals are not mixed with other stock and are slaughtered the same day. The abattoir is independently audited and follows organic procedures set down by the Soil Association.

All poultry are slaughtered on our farm, they are free range until the day of slaughter and travel food metres not miles to our abattoir, they are slaughtered by Jo who has a slaughter licence, which was gained after months of work experience on another poultry farm before being observed by a vet who grants the licence.

Organic ChickenAfter our animals have been humanely and expertly slaughtered, we then butcher the whole carcass from nose to tail allowing full traceability of every cut, giving you the customer the opportunity to know where your food has come from and try traditional cuts that you won’t find elsewhere.

For food you can trust sign up for one of our monthly meatboxes – every box includes visits to the farm so that when your box is delivered you know exactly what your family is eating.